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dogma is established among a group or an organization, and is held as an authoritative creed. We at Healthy Dogma believe that everything you feed your pets should be healthy, natural and beneficial to maintaining healthy bodies so they can enjoy a long and happy life.
We sell only the highest quality pet products, ensuring that our customers get the healthiest food, treats, and supplements available. This is our dogma, and this is what we stand by.



Some people who call the telephone number listed on our web site are shocked when a real human being answers the phone. But that’s par for the course here at K9Critical Care/ Healthy Dogma, because we care about the people who call us as well as their pets.  More than once I’ve gotten tears in my own eyes listening to a devoted owner talk about a pet that has received a fatal diagnosis from the veterinarian.

If you knew my husband Tom and me, you’d understand. We live in rural Lake Orion, Michigan and have shared our home at one time or another with our son Jeff, our daughter Darby, four llamas Bella, Phoebe, Reishi and Zazu, two cats Chippy and Gracie and our Bouvier Rocky.




”Your products have kept our dog living since his bout with cancer and he is in his third year with surviving. Thank you.”

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“I am thankful for K9 Critical Care and their research and products. My Pomeranian/Jack Russell Terrier mix has a sarcoma on her jaw. The vet wanted to remove 1/2 of her lower jaw, but at 15 yrs old, I just couldn't do that to her with no guarantee so we started the Critical Care pack, enzymes and we have been using the Pet Mix dog food. After a week on the supplements, Madeline is more like her old hyper self, chasing her ball and barking at me to throw the ball. She is still thin and a little weak, but I do believe we are seeing good improvement!! Thank you K9 Critical Care!”

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“Dear Miracle Workers, I want you to know that I am completely indebted to your products for the quality of life my Fox Terrier, Lucy, received during her bout with lymphoma. We relied solely on the K9 Critical Care pack plus only natural pet food as her treatment. I could not sing your praises enough. For 3 years, Lucy lived a quality life with lymphoma and it was all thanks to Tom and company. The doctors had given her 1 -3 months. You need to know you are miracle workers. May you receive million fold the blessings you have imparted onto our pets and their eternally grateful families.”

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”My dog is in the normal range in her cancer fight. I believe this combo has helped to make her remission super fast and the oncology vets are very interested in what is the "extra" care she is receiving.”