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About us

Some people who call the telephone number listed on our web site are shocked when a real human being answers the phone (usually it’s me).


banjo_2.jpgBut that’s par for the course here at Healthy Dogma/K9CriticalCare, because we care about the people who call us, and their pets. More than once I’ve gotten tears in my own eyes listening to a devoted owner talk about a pet who has received a fatal diagnosis from the veterinarian.


If you knew my husband Tom and me, you’d understand. We live on a hilltop in rural Lake Orion, Michigan. We share our home with our son Jeff, our daughter Darby, four llamas Bella, Phoebe, Reishi and Zazu, two cats Chippy and Gracie and our Bouvier Rocky.


Quite a menagerie.


We thought: if it helps humans, why wouldn’t dogs and cats benefit from the same science?


banjo_1.jpgSince then we’ve helped hundreds of pet owners, as the testimonials here on this web site will tell you. The heartbreak of hearing from a person whose pet is losing a battle has been replaced many times by the satisfaction of helping that dog or cat regain months and even years of health.


So look around our web site and see how we might be able to help your pet. Then order here on-line or give us a call on the telephone.


Just don’t be surprised when a real human answers.


Mary Beth Darby






Here are a few photos from our main office:


Jeff and Mary Beth



Storage of inventory.



Inventory and Shipping.



Our favorite UPS employee Paul!