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  • Dog Immunotherapy using K9 Critical Care and TransFactor Plus
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Dog Immunotherapy Pack - 30 day supply

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How immunotherapy can work for your dog

Canine immune systems compared to human immune systems

The immune systems of both you and your dog have two levels of immunity; innate and acquired immunity. Innate immunity describes the immunity all mammals inherit from their genetics while acquired immunity is the knowledge an immune system gathers over time and exposure to bacteria, viruses and diseases.

As you may have noticed, dogs do not have the same hygienic standards as their human companions, leading them to further exposure to elements that damage the immune system. Dogs have no second thoughts about eating food off the floor or out of the trash. As you can see, this greatly increases a dog’s acquired immunity and arguably shows that the canine immune system is stronger than the human immune system.

But even healthy immune systems develop mutations. This is an unavoidable consequence of being alive. And while most mutations are destroyed by your dog’s immune system, some slip by undetected and can grow into damaging results. Or the cells are recognized but the immune response is not strong enough.

Given a dog's strong immune system foundations, both their innate immunity and acquired immunity, it is often best to allow a dog’s immune system to handle the current problem they are facing. And when they need extra help, immunotherapy is a very good choice for your dog.

How to get started with dog immunotherapy

K9 Critical Care is the premier immunotherapy supplement for dogs, helping regulate your dog’s immune functions.

K9 TransFactor is a mother’s first milk supplement designed to boost your dog’s innate immune system function.