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General Information

Where can I find reports of clinical trials testing the effectiveness of K9 Critical Care?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not permit us to provide results of treatment for specific disease, or present testimonials in which specific diseases were cured or reversed. K9 Critical Care is not approved for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease.


However, the effects of certain mushrooms as our key ingredients are well documented. Please visit our Mushroom Information page. An extensive collection of scholarly material on Coriolus Versicolor, can be found here.



Are there any adverse side effects to K9 Critical Care products? 

K9 Critical Care products are natural food based supplements, not drugs, and therefore have no inherent toxicity. In rare cases, dogs may have an allergy to certain mushrooms. If your dog appears sick or vomits soon after consumption, please discontinue use.


Healthy Dogma Petmix™ requires added meat of your choice, cooked or raw. If your dog dislikes it or it appears to make him or her ill, the meat may be the culprit.




Health Concerns

My dog has a serious illness, what do you recommend?

We highly recommend that you consult with a veterinarian to discuss all treatment options both conventional and naturalistic. K9 Critical care supplements complement other forms of treatment, please consider them in addition to the advice of a medical professional.



Should I order K9 Critical Care if my dog is not eating?

K9 Critical Care products are food based supplements with medicinal properties, therefore they must be consumed to be effective. If your dog is not eating, we cannot recommend our products in good faith.



Can I give the Critical Care pack with chemotherapy, Prednisone (steroid to reduce inflammation) and Rimadyl? (pain pill)

Yes, K9 Critical Care supplements are adjunct therapy and will not interfere with other medicine.



Once my dog is feeling better, should I continue to use the supplements? 

The active ingredients of the K9 Critical Care Power Pack are very potent, but there are no adverse effects associated with their use. To maintain optimal health after the worst of an illness has passed, consider switching to K9 Critical Care One or Mushroom Magic.


For the long term, proper diet is important, please see our list of Recommended Dog Foods.


Feeding Supplements

How will I administer K9 Critical Care?

K9 Critical Care products are food based supplements available as either capsules or chewable wafers. The wafers are liver flavored and taste like treats.



May I feed the supplements all at once or should I spread them out through the day?

You may feed the supplements all at once.



Should I feed the supplements with food or on an empty stomach?

It is recommended to take with food only for your convenience and to ensure consistency.




Why are Probiotix included in the Critical Care Power Pack?

The basis for canine immune system is the lower intestinal track. Healthy bacteria in the Probiotix supplement facilitate the absorption of minerals, regulate storage of bodily fat and increase T-cell production. K9 Probiotix is especially important to lessen the harmful effects of antibiotics.



What is the difference with hot water extracts and ethyl alcohol extraction? 

Hot water extracts are 50-80 times more potent than tinctures or mycelium powder. Our supplements are always prepared using the hot water extraction method. It is the only method in keeping with the Traditional Chinese Medicine and validated by scientific research.


Hot water extracts are the only kind of mushroom supplements ever used or studied in the scientific research.


Other mushroom companies sell mushroom and/or mycelium tinctures preserved in alcohol (a.k.a. "cold water extracts"), or un-extracted mycelium powder (made by growing mushroom mycelium on sterilized rice). These supplemental forms have never been studied and are a fraction of the potency as compared to hot water extracts.