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PetMix Original Homemade Supplemental Dog Food

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Premium Pet Food for Your Dog  

A Healthy Dog Food Recipe for Making Biologically Appropriate Meals

No Chemicals, Preservatives or Fillers

  • Nutritionally Complete
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • No Animal Byproducts
  • No Harmful chemicals
  • Served with Cooked OR Raw Meat
  • You Choose the Protien (turkey, chicken, beef, etc.) 


Every day, pet food ads featuring happy looking active dogs and cats play on national telivision. Many of these most advertised brands are overflowing with Indigestible grains, cheap fillers, harsh chemicals and gross animal byproducts. These foods often barely meet established requirements for protien and compromise longterm health.

Do you know what's in your pet's food? Watch out for The Dirty Dozen
Which brands can you trust? See our list of Recommended Dog Foods

Excellent health starts with an exceptional diet, and your pets deserve the best.

Petmix is the easiest recipe to cook for your dog, and ensure a nutritionally complete diet.

How to make PetMix

Homemade dog food recipe video:

What You'll Need:

1 bag of PetMix (2 lbs.)

5 lbs of ground meat

1 gallon of water 

A two pound bag makes about 16 pounds of fresh dog food. (raw or cooked)

Preparation of PetMix:

  1. Place meat in large pot
  2. Add water
  3. Break up meat with spoon or potato masher
  4. Turn heat on low (Do not boil)
  5. Stir until meat browns
  6. Pour in PetMix, stir thoroughly
  7. Cool, then serve or refrigerate

Ingredients: Whole Egg, Apples, Flaxmeal, Kelp, Broccoli, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Blueberries, Parsley, Ginger, Celery, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Coconut Oil.

The 2 pound bag of PetMix makes approximately 16 pounds of fresh dog food (raw or cooked).

The 12 pound bag of PetMix makes approximately 96 pounds of fresh dog food (raw or cooked).

Feeding guideline: dogs require 2% of their body weight per weight

Guaranteed Analysis of PetMix: 
Crude Protein: not less than 20.1%
Crude Fat: not less than 6.5%
Crude Fiber: not less than 15.4%
Moisture: not more than 7% 

PetMix Feeding Guideline
Weight of dog in Pounds Active Cups/Day Less Active Cups/Day
2-12 lb 3/4 - 1 1/4 c 2/3 - 1 c
12-22 lb 1 1/4 - 2 1/4 c 1 -1 1/2 c
22-44 lb 2 1/4 - 3 1/4 c 1 1/2 - 2 1/4 c
44-77 lb 3 1/4 - 4 1/4 c 2 1/4 - 3 1/2 c
77-110 lb 4 1/4 - 5 1/4 c 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 c
110-145 lb 5 1/4 - 6 1/4 c 4 1/2 - 5 3/4 c

Other PetMix options

Nut & Cherry PetMix | Mobility PetMix

Made in Michigan and all products are sourced in the USA.



  1. great to keep pet healthy 

    Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2013

    i have used petmix for the last 3 1/2 years it has kept my pets healthy and the vet visits has been less

  2. Healthy Dogma PetMix is Terrific 

    Posted by Judy Bailey on 11th Apr 2013

    Hello, I have been feeding my dogs your petmix for several years now. I only use ground turkey or ground chicken with it because the hamburger meat you suggest to use is to fatty for my dogs. They love it and I am very pleased with the product.

  3. Breeders helper 

    Posted by Tatum Kennels German Shepherd Dogs and Training on 5th Apr 2013

    I started using Pet Mix years ago when I had a litter of pups that wern't quite as chunky as I like to see them. There appitites were weak. I Started them on Pet Mix mixed with ground Venison and added it to their dry kibble.... WOW!!! They doubled their weight in 10 days! They also became more active and alert and were ready for their new homes and looking Great!! I now feed this to all 14 of my dogs, and wouldn't raise a litter without it. Thank You Tom.

  4. She loves it 

    Posted by Lois Raptis on 15th Mar 2013

    My Mini Schnauzer can't wait until it's time to eat. She barely come up for air when eating. I mix regular one with Hamburg according to instructions. I make a weeks worth and separate it up into daily portions. I freeze some of it and leave some in the fridge.

  5. Yummy 

    Posted by Lorraine on 25th Feb 2013

    This was easy to make and our dog loves. She came off raw and we were looking for something as beneficial to her. Tried kibble but I was not happy with ingredients. So far so good. Can't wait to get supplements.

  6. Mollie loves this 

    Posted by Mern on 13th Feb 2013

    My Westie Mollie has had skin allergies and I have tried several grain-free foods...some she liked and some she didn't, but she loves the Petmix. I incorporated into her usual food a little at a time and how that she is eating the Petmix exclusively she is 90% better. Her skin is clearing up and she smells better!! I will certainly be ordering this again. I mixed it with half ground turkey and half ground beef. I was afraid to use all turkey as that tends to give her loose bowels, but she was good with this mixture. I separated it in small baggies, just enough for each meal and refrigerated some and froze the rest. Thank you for this excellent product

  7. Great Stuff! 

    Posted by Cindy on 25th Jan 2013

    I made up my first batch last night using ground turkey and the PetMix. It's very easy to make. I loved the smell of it. It kinda smelled like "green foods" like seaweed - which I love the scent of. I fed it to the dogs this morning and they both gobbled it down! I'm so happy to be feeding them food with all natural ingrediants and no toxins! My best friend's 5 year old Siberian Husky passed away just before Christmas from kidney failure. I'm sure the food contributed. He was a very active dog, living in Denver, CO and went on 10+ mile hikes in the mountains at least twice a week. Now I can have piece of mind about what I'm feeding my girls. Thank you k9CriticalCare!

  8. UPDATE: FOR my FUSSY little Chihuahua's...PLUS TIP for changing over to PetMix THIS WORKS 

    Posted by Lyn on 20th Jan 2013

    I am back again, and I am so thrilled about PetMix STILL...

    I just found the secret for my small FUSSY Chihuahua's - to get them to 'gobble up' PetMix (without any other 'bribe' added):

    I had read somewhere that dogs like 'butter.' I use real butter, so i spread just a tiny bit on top of their good and they liked it. So, then I decided to try some 'coconut oil' (that I use myself) which in the winter is like creamy butter. OMG!!! My dogs are now 'totally' in love with PetMix. I cook my PetMix according to instructions on the package, adding in ground meat (turkey for mine), then I add about 2 BIG tablespoons full to the whole batch. Then I let it cool, and put the whole
    thing into the refrigerator. Then the next day I put exact portions (for one meal for both dogs) into separate little sandwich bags. I flatten them out and put them in the freezer. And at each meal, I take out a frozen and put it in the frig and it thaws by their next meal. This is a wonderful way to keep track of the meals and you can see how many days you have left before making another batch.

    Oh, back to the coconut oil. When I feed my dogs the PetMix, I warm it up briefly (they prefer warm food), then I spread more coconut oil on the top of their PetMix meal. Now, yes, they are
    so in love with it now. Works like a charm.

    Just so you know, coconut oil (I use the organic, cold pressed, extra virgin) - you can find it all over the internet. Here are some of the properties I found listed when I reseached it:
    It is totally safe for Dogs and Cats:
    * Helps their thyroid work better and helps them absorb nutrients in their food
    * Stronger than Vit E, as an antioxidant, by 50 times more. And stronger x 15 for carrots as well
    * Great for healthy skin, shiny coat, and helps bad breath or skin ordors.
    * Gets rid of hairballs, especially cats need this.
    * Helps get rid of bad coughs, colitis and bowel problems, candida or fungus problems.
    * Has strong antibacterial, and antiviral action that helps to protect your dog or cat against different types of diseases or infections.
    * Helps arthritic conditions, helps keep diabetes in check, also helps eliminate allergetic problems. 
    * You can also use coconut oil as an ointment for skin alergies, dry patchy, itchy skin - use it for cuts and wounds too.

    So, if your picky little eater, is having trouble changing over to their new food, be sure not to give up on PetMix because they NEED it. It is the BEST EVER dog food that I have ever found to keep my little Chi's healthy. I could have saved my dog's mother dog IF I had know about PetMix earlier - AND it did save my little Taco, that started having the same bowel problems as his mother did. 
    PetMix is a dog's LIFESAVER! 
    So for your fussy little ones, you can try adding some healthy coconut oil.

    Food problems now solved for me! Thank you, again PetMix!!! Please continue making this wonderful dog food. You have a customer for life!

  9. Fussy Chihuahuas Now Eating PetMix - stopped chronic diarrhea in one of them 

    Posted by Lyn on 13th Jan 2013

    I have two very fussy Chihuahuas named Rosebud (12 yrs) and Taco (10 1/2 yrs). I KNOW that PetMix saved Taco's life, due to severe constant diarrhea. I lost their mother dog (Mommy Dog, LeeLeeLou) about 10 months ago due to the same problem. I tried changing their food but none of the other so-called healthy dog food (including Orijen) stopped the diarrhea and was probably the cause.

    Then I found PetMix (Thank God) and, as I said, it saved Taco's life. His diarrhea stopped within 2 days of eating PetMix. I am so thankful for this. I wish I had know about PetMix 'before' their mother dog passed because I really believe it would have saved her too.

    Hint for those with fussy little dogs that won't change over:
    At first I added some cutup broiled chicken on top of their PetMix meal with the suggested ground meat added - (I used ground turkey). Well, they starting picking out the cooked chicken and only eating half of the PetMix.

    Now I am eliminating the extra 'bribe' of the cutup chicken on top!!!!
    It will take them about 3 days of going on strike...LOL... before they realize that they better eat
    this (without the bribe). They WILL eat and LOVE PetMix - you just have to wean them off (eventually) of 'whatever else' you may be adding to entice them.

    I am telling you that with fussy little dogs, you have to be firm and not give in, because it will take about 3 days before they realize that the 'bribe' is 'not' coming back. You can't be too soft-hearted, little dogs are very smart. LOL 

    So just be patient and firm, and they will eat PetMix and they will be so much healthier.
    Thank you PetMix.

    One more thing, since these are small dogs, I wish the apple pieces were a wee bit smaller because sometimes they spit out the large pieces and only eat the smaller pieces. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE PetMix because it saved my Taco!!! His bowels are perfect now and RoseBud's too. Plus they are now so much more energetic and their coats are becoming shinier as well. They just are much happier.

  10. Great, easy nutritional support for homemade diet for diabetic terrier :) 

    Posted by Kim on 3rd Jan 2013

    After researching many ways of adding nutritional support to Sage's diet (she's 11 years old, diabetic and difficult to regulate) I am trying the Healthy Dogma Petmix. After I ordered it online, it came in the mail super fast, I mixed it with her rinsed ground beef along with her vitamin and digestive enzymes. She loves it even more than her food before and after a little over a week, she seems more energetic and brighter. Her glucose curve was still in an acceptable range. She seems to want to play more and overall, I think this is a very healthy diet change for her. Thank you!

  11. My picky pup finally ate this new food. 

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2012

    I added more meat. Mixed a small amount of her old canned food in and loand behold she ate it! Now i will elimante the canned stuff. Thank you for this great food!

  12. For a healthy and happy dog. 

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2012

    I have been feeding my dog your product since she was 6 months old ,she is now 2 years old and she is still enjoying it.

  13. Dogs Now Eat 

    Posted by genlola on 27th Nov 2012

    I own 3 Peke's. They are so fussy that meal time has been a huge problem until I tried the Original. I had been feeding the rice and chicken due to digestive sensitivity since being newborns. They had lost interest. Now after serving this new food warm, they have renewed interest and mealtime is not a hassle anymore.

  14. Healthy food 

    Posted by Flip on 21st Nov 2012

    This is the second Purchase I Made with your dog food I like the product the dogs enjoyed it so I will probably Buy more

  15. YUMMM! 

    Posted by Gigi on 13th Nov 2012

    My Dog loves this food. I mix it with Ground turkey, which I know he loves too. I am weening him off his kibble as to not have much grain in his diet, as to not feed the Lymphoma he was diagnosed with just a bit over a month ago. He really loved his food and Licks It all up to the last drop!

  16. Yummy 

    Posted by Judy Bailey on 29th Oct 2012

    I have been using the original Pet Mix now for a few years. This last order seems to have bigger chunks of dried apple in it. No worries my boys seem to love it just the same. I cook it with ground turkey. They are both Boxer rescues and are very very healthy I believe due to the Pet Mix. My only wish is that I could buy it locally here in Houston, TX. :)

  17. Fussy fussy Chow Chow mix thrives on this food! 

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2012

    Our very adorable and very recently rescued Chow Chow Shepherd Mix came to us with a host of issues, along with a steroid prescription and a bottle of hotspot spray! We dumped the sprays and steroids and gluten and grains and tried some of the most expensive, best rated, organic gluten and/or grain free kibble. But either there'd be a recall or he'd start chewing his paws off and stop eating. Our vet recommended a "Vet Recommended" food but Mr. Fussy Chow Chow would have none of it! And if he did take a bite or two of that hugely expensive "hypoallergenic" kibble either he'd throw up or he'd have to wake us up at least once at night to take him outside. Our vet wanted us to endure that for 10 weeks! No way! 
    Through some Google Miracle I discovered Petmix. Mr. Fussy Chow Chow absolutely Hoovers up every last morsel and asks for more. We're still waiting for allergy test results (via a different vet). Meanwhile he's perfectly happy eating plain Petmix with no added protein (we mix about 4 cups Petmix with 4 cups water or vegetable broth) We're very grateful to k9critical care for this solution. Yay!

  18. Great Stuff 

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2012

    My 7 year old german shepard was diagnosed recently with lymphoma. As I researched, it came out of nowhere. He was just running with me a month ago! I found K9 Critical Care's website as I was doing my research and a nutritionist by trade who takes lots of natural supplements myself, thought some of these products would be great to support his immune system and give him more of a fighting chance. He absolutely loves the Healthy Dogma petmix. I am ordering more today. Thank you for a wholesome product and all the information you provide on your website. If these products give him a better quality of life or even help with remission, I am so very grateful.

  19. Pound Puppy... 

    Posted by Roberson W. on 1st Oct 2012

    Three years ago this month, I picked up a pug/shitzu mix from our local shelter. The poor thing had been mistreated and weighed 11 lbs. of skin and bones. He had a serious intestinal problem. Allergic to chicken and wheat, which I discovered by the food elimination process. I would cook his food and watch his reaction after eating certain foods. Finally, after 2 years or so, I came across the homemade pet food by PETMIX. I placed an order last August 2011 and he has made great progress with his stomach issues. He now weighs a healthy 15 lbs. and is an active 4-year old and will be on PETMIX for life. Your company has excellent service and quick to remedy any shipping issues. Thank you...

  20. Picky Pug Loves It! 

    Posted by Catherine on 25th Sep 2012

    Your food was recommended to me years ago for my picky puppy pug, Bella. She has been eating the Original Petmix for 8 years or so now, whereas before she was an extremely picky eater. And then the new girl, a lab/retriever mix, liked it immediately as well and is still gobbling it up as of her 1st birthday. Both dogs have beautiful coats and are very healthy! Thank you, Petmix!!

  21. 19 1/2 and still going! 

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2012

    I started using the Petmix in January 2011 when my 18 year-old dog had his cancerous spleen removed. He is still alive and healthy at 19 1/2. I attribute a large portion of his success to my changing his diet.

  22. Tasty 

    Posted by Patrick on 31st Aug 2012

    I recently purchase Petmix homemade dog food for my two Golden's and I'm happy to report they love it. I mixed with ground turkey and followed the instructions and had several meals within a few minutes. With the Petmix and the supplements I also purchased I feel as though I'm providing the best I can for my best friends.

  23. Super Food 

    Posted by Elke on 28th Aug 2012

    My dogs both like it a lot (most of the time). Have tried it with ground turkey also, which they seem to enjoy more.
    It's a super food for my dogs and after 5 weeks of use I have seen some great improvements, their coat is looking better, they have more energy and the bad breath has greatly improved!
    I would recommend this to everyone.

  24. Great dog food 

    Posted by Susan Crowell on 20th Aug 2012

    I have been using your Petmix dog food for my dogs for 3-4 years and my dogs are very healthy. The also love the food and it is so easy to make up - takes very little time.

    Am also very pleased with all the supplements I receive from you - I feel safe and confident there are good ingredients in them.

  25. Lucky find 

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2012

    I came upon your web site by chance when I decided to try to feed my dogs a home made diet. I had no idea how to go about it so was excited to find your complete mix which is so easy to make. My dogs (two havanese) have been eating it and loving it for about two weeks now. The younger one-1 year- is doing much less scratching and the older one -3 years- has much less gunk in his ears according to his groomer. I wish I had known about it sooner. I would have fed it to my BMD instead of giving her all those allergy shots which didn't do much good. I was also feeding them a supposedly hypo allergenic diet which didn't do any good either. I will definitely continue on the Petmix Original Diet.

  26. Chance licks the plate 

    Posted by Peg and Chance( the happy Pom) on 25th Jul 2012

    My Chance was starting to become very finicky with his food.He was also gaining weight from table scraps. While browsing the internet I came upon this site. Thank God! He loves it and my freezer is now filled with original formula. I had no idea the bag would make so much food. Chance is a very satisfied canine customer. I will certainly order again.

  27. He Loves It! 

    Posted by Mary on 11th Jul 2012

    My dog has always been a picky eater: now I know why. His diet consisted of dry premium kibble and whatever we had in the refrigerator, a tablespoon or two mixed into his food. Now I use half or more Pre-Mix or Nut and Cherry made with ground beef (I will also try ground chicken or turkey or livers) and half or less of his kibble. He polishes his bowl consistently. It has become a meal twice a day that he can count on being tasty. He deserves to enjoy his meals and now he does. Very easy to make.

  28. Tummy Problems 

    Posted by Sharon Holly-Sahlin on 19th Jun 2012

    We found a puppy about 10 months ago wandering around a small gas station. Lotus only weighed 1 pound and was probably just 5 weeks old.
    Anyway...since her rescue she has had worms 2 times and colitis. Tried making homemade dog food without knowing what I was doing. She still got sick. ANYWAY...Lotus has been on the petmix, original and cherry and nut mix for over 2 months. And....she is doing GREAT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  29. Saved my pet's skin 

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2012

    I have a 3 year old cockapoo who unfortunately has the sensitive skin that comes with a spaniel. We figured out that no matter what he fed him he had an allergic type of reaction of thick, itchy patches under his coat that made him miserable. Since finding Birkdale's pet mix he has become his old content self who lays at the foot of my bed happily without constant scratching. He is such a great companion now! Thanks Birkdale!

  30. 4 Poms can't be wrong 

    Posted by Michele Wolf-Green on 7th Jun 2012

    I have 4 Pomeranians, 2 boys (8 years) and 2 girls (6.5 years) One of my boys has diabetes but otherwise they are all pretty healthy. We have cooked all of their food - pretty much since we got them as puppies, but it was getting kind of tedious making sure they were receiving all of their vital nutrients as they were pretty picky eaters and it doesn't really matter how healthy the food is if they won't eat it. I came across the K9 Critical Care website from a google search and this product seemed like a God send. My order arrived fairly quickly -- 4 days as I had ordered it over a 3 day weekend. It took only 10 minutes to prepare the first batch -- and about 4 minutes for my dogs to scarf it down and lick their bowls clean!!! 

    Thank you so much!! You have a customer for life!!

  31. dogs like 

    Posted by Pat Rice on 23rd May 2012

    We have two poodles that won't eat any dog food. Glory Be they like this and are eating it

  32. Allergy solution 

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2012

    Our wired fox Tobi was so itchy you couldn't pet him without setting off a scratching fit. I have tried many high end wheat free foods for him, but Birkdales is the only one that seems to have worked. It is expensive and I wish the price was a little lower, but at least we aren't visiting the vet as much for scratching! Tobi loves the food so much that he sits by the stove waiting for samples when I cook it, he doesn't do that when I cook for my family. We have started calling him little chef.

  33. Will eat nothing else! 

    Posted by Kathy on 5th Mar 2012

    I have completed my second order for my 2 dogs. They won't & don't eat anything else. We got the youngest dog at 8 months and has never been fed anything else. She loves it, sits by the stove while I'm cooking it, she knows it's for her. We got our older dog when she was 5 years old & she would eat anything just 4 months ago when we rescued her,(eat when you can because you might not get anything,-- the type of life she had had) not anymore, if she can't have Pet Mix she won't eat (how fast they get picky when they don't have to worry about if & when they get to eat-she knows what is good for her apparently).

  34. My little Shih Tzu loves this food! 

    Posted by Deanna on 4th May 2011

    I've been feeding this Pet Mix to my little 10-year-old for 2 or 3 years - he had been sick to his stomach - would not eat, and had lost a lot of weight. I called and Tom himself answered the phone. His suggestion to try his special food was my answer. Ming-Lei whines and barks every morning until we warm up some of that yummy turkey stuff. He l oves it, and is racing around the couch like a puppy again!...

  35. Best dog food ever! 

    Posted by smkenzie on 4th May 2011

    My dog was never a "food" dog, mealtime held no urgency for her and she was content to wait until you got around to putting food down... well, all that changed when I switched her to BirkDale! Now she lets me know IMMEDIATELY that it's time to eat, she LOVES this food! Molly is a "lab mix," probably a lab-retriever blend of some kind, 46 lbs, hi gh energy, athletic, very "fit." I started her on BirkDale PetMix in response to allergies she was experiencing (itchy skin, red/raw/itchy feet, etc.) and they have cleared up beautifully with BirkDale PetMix. The vet let me know that it was likely the wheat, corn, and/or soy in the dog food she was eating before. I now occasionally mix in a grain-free dry kibble to supplement the BirkDale PetMix, Molly does seem hungry when I feed her the recommended amount, probably due to her high activity level (she runs with me and we go on lots of long walks along with her puppy-playtime at the park). I cannot recommend this food highly enough, if you love your dog enough to put the time in effort into prepping it then please do so! One prep note: I finally figured out that cooking a large batch and then storing it into containers with daily servings worked best, I keep the bulk of it in the freezer in pre-measured containers and move them to the fridge as needed. A cheap investment in the ziploc tupperware proved to be the best solution and now feeding time is a breeze! Also, the food stinks to high heaven when you cook it so don't plan to make it at the same time as your family meal, it will spoil everyone's appetite!

  36. Pet Mix - All Natural Dog Food, Allergen Free formula 

    Posted by V. Hale on 4th May 2011

    My one year old Sheltie (Annie) is thriving, so your product seems to be a good fit for her! Annie's breeder (Sandi Benton - Cadeneaux Shelties) uses your product for her show dogs (and pet dogs) and I have ordered it and used it based upon Sandi's recommendation and her dogs' successes in the show ring.

  37. love pet mix 

    Posted by sharon on 4th May 2011

    My English cocker had been having weight problems. She loves PET MIX and has lost her fat rolls.

  38. Great Product 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 4th May 2011

    My 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer (have another pointer also who is 4)was shedding and had a really rough coat so I decided to change her dog food. After a lot of research, then reading a lot of reviews for Pet Mix I decided to try it. After both had been on the food for about 2 weeks took them to the vet he said I don't know what you are f eeding them but their coat looks amazing. The youngest is so soft and not shedding like she was. Both have a lot of black in their coat and are so shiny and soft. Both love the taste. Hopefully the 4 year old will lose some weight. Delivery was very quick....

  39. Petmix Rocks!! 

    Posted by MaryK1956 on 4th May 2011

    I have been feeding my mixed-terrier Tyler this wonderful food for over three weeks, and I can actually see a great difference. He's more happy and energetic, and his coat has been getting softer. Most of all, he just loves it! I never saw him woof-down food like he does with PetMix. He won't even touch commercial foods anymore. I only wish tha t I could have found this sooner. Thanks k9CriticalCare! PS: Can you send me a catalog? I want to order by mail.

  40. Dogs just Love this food! 

    Posted by Ev on 3rd May 2011

    Dogs just Love this food! As soon as I get it out of the frig they start dancing around. Easy to make and store. Like that it can be portioned out for each dog so all I have to do is grab a couple bags from the freezer the night before. Customer service is awesome! Tom and Mary Beth are knowledgeable about their products and very helpful with questions. It's all good from here and my boys thank you immensely.

  41. Since feeding petmix 

    Posted by Dog Lover on 3rd May 2011

    Since feeding petmix to my senior Beagle and Lab I have noticed a positive change in their energy levels and the texture of their hair. They are more playful and their coat is shiny and healthy. My lab has thyroid disease and it has been difficult for her to gain weight but with petmix she has managed to add on some healthy weight.

  42. DJ and I 

    Posted by wshbne51 on 3rd May 2011

    DJ and I both love your product. DJ for the flavor, he devours it as soon as I set his bowl down (he's never shown this behavior with any other food I've offered, not even table scraps. I love it for its ease of preparation, cost and last but not least, DJ's love of it (I know he's eating and eating good food). Thank ypu very much for your food.

  43. Dear Tom 

    Posted by Sandra on 3rd May 2011

    Dear Tom, I have recommended your dog food to many friends with fussy eating poodles. All have rave reviews about Birkdale!! Spohie a 4 lb tea cup poodle has been on birkdale diet for about 6 weeks we haver recently noticed here eyes have cleared beautifully, she is perkier than ever, acting like a pup and wants to eat to much now. I'ts 9pm sh e has already had her morning and eavening meal and she's begging to eat again. If I can tell you this dog has barely ever eaten anything sometimes going two days without eating. Walking up to the traditional kibble smelling it and walking away. I felt after trying every dog food on the market that I would never be able to find something healthy for my dog. She would never touch a carrot now she loves them. This is such a good feeling. I just bagged up some food to send to my freind in Colorado, her poodle only eats roasted chicken. Thank you 100 times I feel Birkdale saved my dogs life and has made me one happy pet owner. Sandra, Boca Raton, FL...

  44. this was my first time trying it 

    Posted by Gerriann on 3rd May 2011

    this was my first time trying it on my dogs and they totally loved it. they got the diareha from change of food but only lasted two days. will definitely order it again. it is worth the price

  45. My wire fox terrier refuses to eat. 

    Posted by Maddy on 3rd May 2011

    My wire fox terrier refuses to eat. She also has anal gland issues attributed to allergies in processed dog food grains. I fed her this food and she ate what was put in front of her and actually begged for more. She spun and spun in front of the fridge until I opened the door and gave her a second helping. She is much more calm and satisfied, no t so itchy, and seems to be a much more content dog than I have seen in three years. Her skin is not pink anymore and she (and I) are happy! Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful food. Also, my package arrived in excellent condition and in 2 days. Excellent!

  46. After doing some research online 

    Posted by Linda White on 3rd May 2011

    After doing some research online regarding options in caring for (and hopefully keeping her happy and a bit healthier as long as possible) in dealing with my dog Cricket's, illness I called BirkDale with some additional questions. They were very sympathetic and extremely helpful with suggestions regarding the proper nutrition and nutrients tha t might be helpful for Cricket. I was really impressed that they suggested it might be more economical for me to get natural food at my local pet store (to avoid excessive shipping costs) and even gave me the names of several brands to try. They did, however send a sample of their "PetMix" food along with the Critical Care Power Pack that I ordered. I was amazed that the package arrived within two days so I could get her started on the regimen right away. Cricket seems to prefer the BirkDale food over the natural kibble that I got at the store so I plan to order more of that from BirkDale. In addition, although she's still limping, she seems to be a bit peppier than she had been recently. She even "insisted" on walking around the lake at the park over the weekend, rather than just going into the dog park area to sit with me, so I'm hopeful that this is a good sign that the regimen is beginning to help already.

  47. I was feeding my dog a well known canned organic dog food. 

    Posted by HH Chicago on 3rd May 2011

    I was feeding my dog a well known canned organic dog food. You would think that the manufacturers would be as concerned about the safety of their food as I was. They weren't. My dog got very sick from Salmonella tainted food. After this happened, I looked on line for dog food recipe. I was going to make my own food. Purely by accident, I found the website for Birkdale Mix. I order 4 of the 2 lb mixes. You add 5lb of hamburger and a gallon of water and one of the 2lb birksdale mixes. The food is wonderful. My dog loves it. It has everything she needs for a healthy diet. She has more energy, her coat is shiny and she is back to her old playful self. I have peace of mind that she is getting fresh healthy all natural dog food. I know what goes in it, because I make it myself. I am extremely pleased with this product. Thank you Birkdale Medicnals for giving me back a healthy happy dog.

  48. Have tried several brands and flavors marketed to be the best. 

    Posted by Linda Stapelton on 3rd May 2011

    Have tried several brands and flavors marketed to be the best..None of them worked out for long, allergies continued, GI upset with some etc. I have 2 mini schnauzers and they love love the food. I have peace of mind knowing that their food is fresh and healthy and I am serving them something that they love...They know when I am in kitchen preparing our supply and cant wait until cool enough to eat. They clean their plate until there is nothing left-skin and coat is now in great condition and the one who was constantly licking her feet has almost stopped. I can not get over how they both LOVE the food.. Had been on internet researching homemade dog food when I discovered Birkdale mix..I tried the free sample we are hooked!

  49. I have been a customer for close to 3 years 

    Posted by Gena Medway on 3rd May 2011

    I have been a customer for close to 3 years now and have always had great customer service. Tom calls me whenever there might be a way to reduce the cost of my order due to bundling products or shipping differently. The Pet Mix is great my dos love it! My vet is very impressed with Birkdale products as well.

  50. I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter 

    Posted by Jamie on 3rd May 2011

    I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter and upon bringing him home, noticed that he had very soft stools. When I took him running, he had to go at least two to three times and it was always very loose, to the point that I feared that he would become dehydrated. Any time he was excited, he also would end up having the same trouble. I began t o wonder if it was the dog food. I was feeding him Solid Gold dog food, a high end brand. I decided to switch to a new proteins source within the brand and did so very gradually. It did not work. I then switched to a very expensive limited ingredient made by Natural Balance, and not only did he drink buckets full of water, but the diarrhea persisted and seemed to get worse. He was becoming lethargic and his hair coat was so dull. I decided to try a homemade diet as a last resort. I began researching how to provide proper nutrition when I cam across Birkdale Pet Mix. I live right by the store, so I thought that I would give it a try. AMAZING!!!!!!! No more diarrhea....none....he has great solid stools and I could not be happier! I highly recommend that anyone suffering the same problem gibe this food a try!

  51. Great Product! 

    Posted by mptague on 3rd May 2011

    Great Product! My dogs are nuts over it and the grain free diet has helped with their allergies. The instructions are very easy and I will continue to buy this product! Thanks!

  52. My dogs love the mix. 

    Posted by Dorothy on 3rd May 2011

    My dogs love the mix. It is really easy to make. I mix ground turkey to the mix. ... MoreLess

  53. I love this dog food! 

    Posted by mptague on 3rd May 2011

    I love this dog food! My Boston has terrible allergies & this is the only food he has eaten & not broken out! My other dog loves it too! The site is easy to navigate and I feel like I'm giving the best to my two furry friends.

  54. This is the food I have always dreamed I would find for my dog. 

    Posted by Brenda on 3rd May 2011

    This is the food I have always dreamed I would find for my dog. The old girl is as healthy as can be and friskier than ever. You can tell when a dog eats as they are meant to eat. We even have a lot of fun cooking it! THANK YOU so much for such a wonderful choice for our beloved pets!

  55. Buddy, our 11 yr old mutt, and Camo, our 1.5 yr old mutt 

    Posted by e Pey on 3rd May 2011

    Buddy, our 11 yr old mutt, and Camo, our 1.5 yr old mutt have been on the Birkdale Pet Mix for over 2 months now. What a dramatic change! Buddy was losing weight, clumps of hair falling out and on thyroid meds when we started him on Birkdale. In less than a week, his appetite returned, he started gaining back muscle tone and his energy weight thro ugh the roof. No more hair falling out either. We decided to take him off his thyroid meds with this new diet and he hasn't needed them since! He is like a new dog! Our young pup, Camo, literally jumps up in the air every time its meal time - he loves the food that much! (When I first opened the dry mix, he tried to eat it out of the bag!) They both are like new dogs and we are so thankful we found a healthy, no-grain diet that they look forward to eating every day! Thank you!

  56. My greyhound 

    Posted by Linda Landry on 3rd May 2011

    My greyhound, Sunshine, has never been a good eater to the point of hand feeding each meal if it was a meal she would even eat. The first day I added the mix to her kibble she came to the bowl and ate it all. Knowing her to eventually snub it after a few days, she did not. It's been a month and still eating and putting on weight.

  57. Great to work with! 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    Great to work with! Nice to find a place with healthy options for my dog. He loves the Petmix!

  58. I have been feeding BirkDale diet to my 5 dogs 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    I have been feeding BirkDale diet to my 5 dogs(3 tervs / 2 corgi's) for about 4 months. They love the food. It is really pretty easy to prepare, and one 2 lb. bag lasts 7 days. Their teeth are much cleaner looking then they were before. I have a 15 year old terv, and like the idea of feeding her more holistically. I do mix the BirkDale with Kibble (taste of the Wild) because I'm feeding so much to so many. I did the math, and it costs me just over one dollar per day per dog to feed...not bad in my book.

  59. My dog enjoys the Pet Mix. 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    My dog enjoys the Pet Mix. She is doing very well on it and I feel good about giving it to her.

  60. Great products! 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    Great products! Super fast shipping:) Our dogs love BirkDale's pet mix. Thank you.

  61. My dogs love your food and I feel confident in serving it to them. 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    My dogs love your food and I feel confident in serving it to them.

  62. Tom, All I can say is your product has save me alot of money. 

    Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

    Tom, All I can say is your product has save me alot of money. Not only in unhealthy dog food, but my "SNOW", hasn't had an allergy shot or benedryl in almost a year, since using your pet mix and cooking their food. You and your staff are genuine and care about your service. You and your products have not let me down. Don't change a thing!

  63. We LOVE our new food!!! 

    Posted by Laura on 22nd Oct 2010

    I ordered PetMix by phone last week and though it might take until today to get here. To my delight, and just in time not to have to buy kibble to get us by, it came on Tuesday. I thawed some chicken breasts and by the time I was ready to add mix to the pot, I had their full attention (purebred Sheperd and Husky/Sheperd mix). And from the first bowl full, they have literally run to the kitchen for their food, eaten every bite, and loved every morsel. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  64. I am so pleased with your product. 

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2010

    We were feeding a canned organic dog food. It was recently recalled, but none of us were notified. My German shepherd became very ill because of the contaminated food.

    I was looking for a recipe to make her food when I found your site. I have to say, she loves the birkdale mix. She licks the bowl completely clean and sits infront of the fridge asking for more. It is very simple to make. The online video is great. My husband and I have peace of mind knowing exactly what she is eating.

  65. Anti-aging, Wellness and Certified Cycling Coach - 2 Thumbs Up! 

    Posted by Mike Flenniken on 7th Apr 2010

    AMAZING - I coach performance cyclists and I can tell you that this product accomplishes in 24 hours what I attempt to do with my athletes in a season of training. My 11 year old Shepherd mix has been transformed into a puppy in less than a day.

    Mike Flenniken
    Anti-aging, Wellness and USA Cycling Certified Coach


    Posted by Andrea on 24th Mar 2010

    I have a rescue dog that's a dachschund, papillon mix. She is the pickiest dog I've ever met. She would only eat chicken and sometimes Kibbles and Bits. She always had trouble with diarhea. I ordered the Pet Mix. I couldn't believe my eyes when she starting eating her food mixed with ground chicken. She has had no abnormal bowel movements since. God Bless you for bringing this mix to the marketplace!!

  67. PetMix 

    Posted by Jessica on 22nd Feb 2010

    Hello Tom,
    I'm so thankful that I found your site and talked to you about my boxer. Boomer is doing great with the medicines and his new food! He loves his food it's unbelievable how much it has changed everything. He no longer chews at his feet his skin and coat are great and is more energetic!

  68. Pet Mix 

    Posted by Duske and Krysta on 22nd Feb 2010

    Dear Birkdale Pet Mix,
    It's true! My doggie LOVES you! He asks to eat now by standing by the refrigerator waiting to taste you again! He gobbles you up, takes a big drink of water and nestles down in his bed for a nap. His ears are not red and no longer smell ... this is after only 11 days! He has a new light about him and so do I. I feel so much better knowing his body is getting wholesome food.
    Thanks so much,

  69. PetMix 

    Posted by Nora on 22nd Feb 2010

    Hi Tom,
    I'm writing for 2 reasons. The first is to thank you for this formula Pet Mix. My pug loves it and has no more "itchies" and has lost the desired amount of weight. He's peppy and happy all the time. He thinks he's a puppy again. We love it!! The second reason is I have been mixing in boneless, skinless chicken breast to get the lowest amount of fat since Owen was a porky puggy. Now that he's all svelte and slim, I was wondering how much fat is okay? I used about 1 and a half pounds of turkey with the remaining being chicken in my last batch and he loved it just as much as the all chicken. I don't want to cause future problems by restricting the fat in his diet too much.
    thanks very much

  70. PetMix 

    Posted by Randy & Bonnie on 22nd Feb 2010

    We saw your display at the Cobo Hall dog show. When we got home, I ordered the free sample. Our French Bulldog loves it! My wife wants to switch her to it so I just ordered 3 bags.

  71. Petmix 

    Posted by Lucy on 22nd Feb 2010

    Hi Tom,
    I met you at the Cobo show and purchased the 10 bags of food. Just wanted you to know that my fussy girl loves your mix and I have been telling a ton of people about it.
    I'm looking forward to trying the mix on my next batch of puppies.

  72. PetMix is Great! 

    Posted by Pauline on 22nd Feb 2010

    I met you at the dog show and you provided me with a sample of your Pet Mix for review on my dog blog, The Ruff Ruff Review. I am emailing to let you know that the post is online now here. Please let me know what you think and also if you would be interested in providing a free bag to one contest winner from my blog. I'd love to give you another post and give one of my readers a chance to try your great food. (My dogs LOVED it.)
    Have a great night and thanks so much for the sample!

  73. Bitsie, Pacer and Bubby

    by Bonna

    I cannot tell enough people about PetMix and what it has done for my dogs. I have three Bichon Frise, all are rescued. All three dogs come from puppy mill stock and were neglected and/or abused. My oldest is 17 yrs. old and has advanced inoperable mammary gland issues. My middle pup is almost 13 yrs. old and only has three teeth and my youngest is 9 yrs. old and has food allergies and IBD. So as you can see, feeding them has been a challenge and has involved lots of food changes and experimentation. Oh, and did I mention that the youngest is prone to stones.
    I ran across information on your product. I was particularly interested as I read that the product also helped dogs with food allergies. I read reviews and reviewed all of the information on the site and decided to give it a try. Instead of ordering online (as I had a few questions), I called to place my order. A delightful lady answered (without a telemarketer voice) and was very helpful. I ordered three bags on the spot, along with some grain-free treats and ProBiotix. I am here to tell you that my dogs loved it and have been eating it for the last three weeks! I believe I have seen a major difference in the oldest and the youngest.My oldest has had more energy and her interest in family activities has increased significantly. She is also deaf and blind, so she tends to find safety spots and stay there. She no longer lies around, and instead, begins whining and "talking" at treat and mealtime. Of most significant improvement, is my youngest pup (food allergies, IBD and stones). We have had NO bloody diarrhea, vomiting, little scratching and a whole new personality, like that of his younger self. And finally, the middle pup only has the three teeth, so he happily gobbles it up, without the difficulties that come with having to gum food bowl contents.
    Once again, I want to thank you for your product quality and the support and information your site provides. I have enjoyed the benefits of home cooked food, without intense labor. It freezes beautifully, so I make lots in advance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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