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“My 3 year old female pitbull was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and I was told that chemo was the only option. I am against chemo in animals because I do not want their life to suffer one little bit. Because I am against going the chemo route, I did my research and found K9 Critial Care Power pack. My oncologist told me that she only has about 4 months to live, but I have yet to believe that. Since I am not doing chemo, I thought that going down this route with the K9 Critical Care Power pack wouldnt hurt. She has been taking the pills for about a week now and she loves them! I am hoping that this Power Pack is able to give my precious puppy some added time to her life. I am very happy with this product thus far, so I am hoping for even better results in the future! :) Will be buying from them again!”


“My dogs love the PetMix & supplements. My vet was told me to take my Tazz home & enjoy what little time she had left due to lymphoma diagnosis.....that was over 3 yrs ago. Within a week on K9 Critical Care Pack & PetMix, she was up on her own. She returned to her playful self within a couple weeks. I was blessed by finding this site & Tazz is my miracle 4 legged child! As far as the vet, he's still amazed!”


“I've been ordering K9 Critical Care (for several months) We have never been disappointed with the ease of ordering or the speed at which the products arrive. Bonus--our beloved Australian Shepherd is now 14, enjoying life and the vet had said it would go very fast with the type of cancer she was diagnosed with last year. Glad we found your products on the internet.”


“Online ordering is easy but when I have needed customer service the service has been great. My Jack Russell is doing extremely well on your food. He gains weight easily but this food has kept him trim and his coat is very shiny and soft. With a busy life style, the "just add water" option has been so helpful!”


“Cerny is a 5 year cancer survivor and still creating hell and havoc because of your products and her natural food diet. Thanks for helping me keep her for all of these years.“


“We were suddenly faced with a very sick little long haired Dachshund. At the recommendation of a friend who uses your products we ordered some. At first he would not eat it but after adding a few things he is now eating and feeling better.”


“Have always received orders quickly and great customer service. Best dog food our German Shorthaired Pointers hair is beautiful and shines, no dog smell and haven't had any health problems.”